Nest in the Sparrow Tree

Late last week, I noticed that a sparrow had started building a nest in the tree outside of my bathroom window. I wanted to get a quick photo but didn’t want to bother with getting the big DSLR out and take a chance at startling the birds in the tree.  So, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped as good a shot as I could with it.    It was something of a gloomy day out, so the lighting and overall image weren’t the best.   But, I got a shot of the nest and the little sparrow on the branch above it and that was my goal.


Two days ago, strong winds blew through the area and the nest was knocked from the tree.   Then this afternoon, I noticed the makings of a new nest in the exact same location.  Call them insane, but one thing is for sure, those sparrows are persistent little critters.

I’ll try and get a better shot of the new nest and post it soon.  Stay tuned.

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