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Lunch with Mr. Squirrel

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Blue Moon, August 1

Once in a blue moon, one gets a decent photo of a blue moon.

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Full moon: May 3, 2015

The sky was pretty clear this evening, providing great conditions for viewing and photographing the full moon.  

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At the water hole

As I was going through the photos from Mounds State Park, I found another one of that raccoon in the other photos.  This time he was at the pond outside the observation room.    There […]

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Bird feeder bandits

So, I was at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN today and saw these little bandits knocking off the one of the bird feeders outside of the observation room window. At first, it was just […]

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Female Northern Cardinal

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Cooper’s Hawk

This Cooper’s Hawk has been hanging out in my backyard the last couple of days.

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The Moon

I got the Moon!!!

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Ruffled feathers

I love fun shots like this. That little sparrow was not happy at all when that chipmunk stood up and started messing with it.

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What are you doing up there?

I was out on the balcony taking photos the other day and when I looked over the side rail I noticed my neighbors cat looking up at me. It’s like he was saying, “Hey! What […]

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