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Monarch Festival 2015

Photos from the annual Monarch Festival at Eagle Marsh in Fort Wayne, IN.

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A Wash and Blow Dry

The large ponds out at Eagle Marsh are still mostly iced over, but there are some open areas.  The eagle pictured below found one of them.  I watched it drink a bit of water, get […]

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Eagle Fishing Series

Among the many things I was able to capture the eagles doing while at Eagle Marsh yesterday, fishing was a real highlight.  And the fact that the photos below turned out so well was the […]

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Best in flight

Monday was a great day for eagle watching at Eagle Marsh.  I spend most of the afternoon and evening out there watching and photographing the bald eagles.  I can say that the photos below are […]

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Eagle Marsh Nest – 3/16/15

I spent most of Monday out at Eagle Marsh watching the nesting pair of bald eagles out there.  Below are a handful of the best photos I’ve gotten of their nest.  Especially with both of […]

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Butterflies at Eagle Marsh

There was a group hike at Eagle Marsh on Saturday that focused on the various types of butterflies that can be found at the marsh. The photos below are from the event. Monarch butterfly Black […]

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Viceroy Butterfly in Flight

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Viceroy Butterfly

A Viceroy Butterfly at Eagle Marsh. The Viceroy and Monarch butterfly look nearly identical to the untrained eye.

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Monarch Butterfly

A monarch butterfly at Eagle Marsh.

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Bald Eagles

I managed to spot one of the adult bald eagles and both of the juveniles while out at Eagle Marsh on Saturday. The picture isn’t the best, but the mother is in the middle, and […]

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