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Bald Eagle with dinner

A bald eagle with its dinner along The Mississinewa River in Miami County, IN.

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Immature Bald Eagle Goes Fishing

I watched this immature bald eagle fishing for a while this afternoon.  I say immature because the head and wings still show markings of a sub-adult eagle.  The last photo was shot through trees and […]

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Eagle Wings

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Take out with a splash

A bald eagle made quite a splash as it caught it’s dinner from the Mississinewa River near Peru, IN.  This is, without a doubt, the best eagle fishing shot I’ve gotten to date.

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The Launch

A Bald Eagle takes flight from a tree over the Mississinewa River near Peru, IN.

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Bald Eagles – 1/9/16

Bald Eagles along the Mississinewa River in Peru, Indiana.

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Bald Eagle – 11/20/15

A bald eagle perched on a tree limb along the Wabash River in Indiana.

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Bald Eagle tending its eaglets 

The highlight of my day today was watching this Bald Eagle tending to its eaglets.    

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A Wash and Blow Dry

The large ponds out at Eagle Marsh are still mostly iced over, but there are some open areas.  The eagle pictured below found one of them.  I watched it drink a bit of water, get […]

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Eagle Fishing Series

Among the many things I was able to capture the eagles doing while at Eagle Marsh yesterday, fishing was a real highlight.  And the fact that the photos below turned out so well was the […]

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