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Fast food

While out at Fox Island the other day I captured this shot of a chipmunk carrying what looked to be an apple up to a nest in the top of a tall tree. The little […]

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A king’s feast

A Monarch Butterfly feasts on a wildflower at Fox Island.

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Butterflies at Eagle Marsh

There was a group hike at Eagle Marsh on Saturday that focused on the various types of butterflies that can be found at the marsh. The photos below are from the event. Monarch butterfly Black […]

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At the waterhole

I think the title says it all. 🙂

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Staying close to momma

The baby bison never strayed too far from its momma. He even laid down near her as she was grazing. . So cute!

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Sleepy little bison

The little bison was sleepy. He curled up next to the tree near his momma, yawned a bit, and went to sleep. So precious.

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Baby Bison

The newest member of the bison herd at Ouabache State Park in Bluffton, IN. He’s was born around May 2nd. So cute!

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Wait for me, mom

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Super time

When the bison heard the truck of the Ouabache State Park ranger pull up to the feeding pen, they came running.

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The big boys

A couple of shots of the older male bison at Ouabache State Park. They were big!

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