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Living history

The horse? He’s the second oldest resident of the Hall of Champions at KHP.   The gentleman?  He’s among the oldest employees of KHP and has direct connections to one of the legends of the park.  […]

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Some folks are hard to please

This is Bob.  He’s a Gypsy Vanner.  I loved this horse and he was the primary focus of this shot.  However, I couldn’t help but notice the people.  The look of frustration on the handler’s […]

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In the spirit

I love this photo from the mustang portion of the horses of the world presentation because I believe it really captures the moment.   Her arms raised, her face looking to the heavens, and the sun […]

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A Mustang

The Horses of the World presentation at KHP provides a great opportunity to see some of the various breeds of horses living at the park.  It also provides opportunity for some really nice photos; like […]

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Miniature horse

An American Miniature Horse relaxing in the sun.

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Peek-a-boo with a horse

I’m finally getting around to sharing some of the photos I shot at the Kentucky Horse Park lady month. It’s taken a while because of the sheer number of photos I took and the lack […]

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Loving the sun

The morning of my visit to the Kentucky Horse Park was rainy and gloomy, but the weather  cleared up nicely by early afternoon.  Although the air was still a bit chilly, the sun was very […]

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Flying Arabian

Here’s a shot from the Arabian portion of the presentation.  The rider seems to be looking straight into the lens of my camera, and the horse’s feet are inches off the ground.  He really was […]

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