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Wolf Park

Photos from Wolf Park in Battle Ground, IN.

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Monarch Festival 2015

Photos from the annual Monarch Festival at Eagle Marsh in Fort Wayne, IN.

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Chunky cheeks

The chipmunks were out in force at the Upper Wabash Interpretive Center’s observation deck on Saturday.  I watched this little critter for quite a while, as it scurried from place to place gathering food.  It […]

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Monarch and friend

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Happiness is like a butterfly

Yesterday, I spent some time at the Salamonie Reservoir and took some time to visit the butterfly garden at the interpretive center while there.  Much to my delight, there were several monarch butterflies in the […]

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Bald Eagle tending its eaglets 

The highlight of my day today was watching this Bald Eagle tending to its eaglets.    

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At the water hole

As I was going through the photos from Mounds State Park, I found another one of that raccoon in the other photos.  This time he was at the pond outside the observation room.    There […]

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Bird feeder bandits

So, I was at Mounds State Park in Anderson, IN today and saw these little bandits knocking off the one of the bird feeders outside of the observation room window. At first, it was just […]

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A Wash and Blow Dry

The large ponds out at Eagle Marsh are still mostly iced over, but there are some open areas.  The eagle pictured below found one of them.  I watched it drink a bit of water, get […]

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Best in flight

Monday was a great day for eagle watching at Eagle Marsh.  I spend most of the afternoon and evening out there watching and photographing the bald eagles.  I can say that the photos below are […]

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